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About Minimis Kids Boutique 

Minimis has it's very own range Kids Boutique Clothing. Specially selected to compliment and sit alongside the children’s designer clothing brands that we carry.

This exclusive kids boutique range captures the spirit and style of Minimis, a unique collection of mini adult trendy styling made in good quality materials at affordable prices.

Minimis Kids Boutique is influenced by current fashion trends, classic looks and celebrity baby style icons whilst remaining chic and stylish.

Minimis aims to provide you with additional statement pieces that complete an outfit, whether it is a vintage style denim jacket or a headband accessory we provide the different, unique pieces that compliments high end fashion designers.

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More About Minimis Kids Boutique 

Minimis Kids Boutique is all about the 'mini me' kids fashion trends you can see emerging through our fashion blog and social media pages. Parents are now dressing their kids as miniature versions of themselves and kids are looking cooler and cuter than ever.

We have created our Kids Boutique range specifically to emulate an adults trendy, styish wardrobe - whilst of course remaining age appropriate. Leopard print and faux fur were a must have for the collection and the Ava floaty tops with Peter Pan collars we just couldn't live without.