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Tommy Hilfiger Speaks Out About His Two Teenage Children With Autism.

In aid of Autism Awareness day earlier this month this week’s blog post see’s Minimis taking a look at one of our favourite designers from our children’s wear collection Tommy Hilfiger and his campaign alongside Autism Speaks to raise awareness of the condition.

For some of our readers who may not be aware, autism is a brain development disorder that appears within the first three years of a child’s life, affecting the development of social and communication skills. This physical condition is linked to abnormal chemistry in the brain and the causes of this abnormal activity is still unknown and continuously being researched within medical science today.

Minimis fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, is best known for owning a self-made high end fashion empire and rubbing shoulders with the A listers of the celebrity world, however in 2011 Tommy spoke out about his two teenage children having autism, both his 20 year old daughter Kathleen and his wife’s son Alex, aged 21 years were both diagnosed with autism as young children. Tommy said that having two children with similar difficulties has 'proved to be a comfort for each of them', he married his now wife, former model Dee in 2008 and has said ‘it is so unique to meet someone who has shared so many of the same struggles.’ ‘From the beginning we felt that this was just meant to be.’


The couple have had their work cut out for them as they share six children between them all aged between 32 years and 6 years old. Tommy is very much a family man and his happiest memories are spent at home relaxing with his family.

Tommy joined forces with Autism speaks as they share the same goal to put an end to the stigma of learning difficulties and autism, he has also spoken out about how proud he is of his 'really smart' daughter who has attended a special school.

In this day and age you would believe that children and schools would be accepting of all people however Tommy remembers when his daughter was a young child. 'She’d come and wake me up in the middle of the night and ask, "Am I intelligent?" or "Someone in school told me I was a retard, is that true?" It’s just heart-wrenching and I wish more people cared about it.'

'The government is not involved in it. People aren't donating enough money. There’s not enough research,' he said.

'There’s no cure. It needs help, so we've become involved.'

The concerns for children with autism also transcends into their adult life as it is difficult to know if they will ever be totally independent, as a parent all you want for your children is for them to grow up to be happy and healthy. Autism affects boys three times more than girls and is believed to affect 1 in every 88 American children, with such high statistics Minimis praises Tommy Hilfiger’s awareness campaign with Autism Speaks and we hope that one day there will no longer be a stigma attached to children with learning difficulties.

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