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Hackett in Focus


Here at Minimis we value the importance of the history and the story behind each individual designer we offer. Each brand is carefully selected with lots of thought behind it which is why Minimis decided to take on Hackett for the Spring/Summer season 2017 and beyond. Hackett is renowned for being authentically British and is recognised as a quality worldwide brand. The brand was first established in 1979 and has gone from strength to strength in its pursuit to continue creating classic, polished clothes.

The collection available on our website ranges from 2 to 10 years and reflects the menswear classic, timeless look. Hackett incorporates the need for extreme quality yet durable with the all important classic cuts and British style to maintain the mature “Mini Me” look.


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Interview with Hackett’s Senior Designer and Head of Children’s Wear Laura

How would you best describe the Hackett brand?

A quintessentially British brand that is authentic to its roots. The children’s wear range aims to evoke British heritage with a modern twist.

Where do you get your inspiration from to create the children’s collection?

I am always inspired by vintage clothing because I think it's really exciting as a designer to take heritage items and inject modern flare into the design. It's all about balance - mixing the hero stand-out pieces with more commercial elements while making sure the “little gentleman” look isn’t too serious or old fashioned.

I love London and find it hugely inspiring, especially as we are a British brand. East London has a great creative buzz and has plenty of vintage stores and small boutiques with Japanese influences (the Japanese have fantastic attention to detail). In West London, the vibe around Notting Hill and Portobello antiques markets also inspires me creatively.

This season our two main creative ideas were around Henley and Saunton Sands beach in Devon. For Henley we went back to basics and looked at our trusted polo shirts which are pieced and usually quite heavily branded to give a preppy feel. We researched the history of Henley and tried to capture the romance and prestige of the regatta and develop a mini-me range that was comfortable too.

Devon was about creating that sun-drenched, washed-out look. I wanted our garments to give the impression that they had been lying in the sun all day. It was a more relaxed capsule for the season, a colour palette of muted, complimentary shades of pastel colours.

Aston Martin racing continues every season and takes a more sporty/modern approach - this season the bright yellow highlight shines through in zip tapes, graphics, linings and bar tacks

We at Minimis love the Mini Me items that Hackett designs for each season. How closely do you work with the adult department in ensuring these iconic items?

We work very closely with the menswear team, insuring that mini me or sometimes maxi me pieces are aligned,  themes and colours always filter down to what we adjust for the kidswear market. It's always important for the Hackett chap to dress like daddy!

What is the best part of working for Hackett?

The best part of working for Hackett is having a great team behind me. If you have a team where everyone is passionate and bouncing ideas off each other, you can be sure that the passion will filter into a great range that’s been designed with great care.  I also particularly love working for a British brand and it’s hard to beat the massive job satisfaction of seeing your range in stores.

Designing for kids is about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. I like to think of our Hackett boy as a chap with an individual sense of style. It’s important to be fearless and not afraid to play with colour and pattern.  I don’t want them to look too polished, they are boys after all!

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